Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hi there! Well my summer has been pretty good, has yours? I did not get to go on a vacation but Ivy and Alex did! I was a bit disapointed but they showed me pics of everything and insisted I put them on my blog so here you go!
 Alex loved the Golden Gate Bridge. She took a little too many pictures.
 Alex pretends to hold up the bridge.
 Here she is on a cliff. She said she tried to bugee jump off but Ivy said she needed a bugee cord for that. However Ivy wished she would not of told her that when she realized she would have to share a seat on the plane with her after Alex ate all the chocolate.(-:
 Ivy got to see the Golden Gate also. It was windy and she almost flew off into the bay. Ivy still secretly wishes that Alex did.
 Ivy got to ride the trolly and said that it was absolutely awesome!
 Here is the candy bar Alex ate.:-)
 Alex with all the chocolate. Don't worry She didn't eat all this!
 Here is Alex under the Ghirardelli sign.
 The Palace of Fine Arts.
 Really cool houses that are victorian. They are called the Painted Ladies!
 Alex hung off the ledge to take this photo! ( Thats what she said anyway. )
 A bigger view of the bridge.
A view of the bridge close up. I still wish I could of gone but seeing the picture was cool too!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

 Hello! Well the other day I went on a photo expedition and took so pictures for you of te living organisms in my own backyard!
 First I took a picture of the cool bamboo grass. I have to take my picture just right.

 I took some pictures of some pretty flowers too!
 Then I found a snail!! It was so cute and friendly! ( Then again, how can a snail be not friendly? )

Last, I found a prickly cactus!! It was sharp and when I touched it, it hurt my hand! I know what you are probly thinking- why did Joy even touch it in the first place? Well I tend to touch anything that looks, well, touchy!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

    Hi! Well today was Alex's first day here, so I decided to meet the new girl. We decided to go in the back yard to explore the un-explored!!!

 We talked about life while sitting in the cool grass because it was still hot outside.
 We looked for snails since the grass was still a little wet.

 We walked to look for other wildlife, but we didn't have much luck if you don't countpestering ants.

I think you will probly see Alex again since she is very nice and my new friend. (She does get a little crazy though and is not shy at all!!)


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Paint My Bunk Bed!

 Hello! Well I have had this bunk bed for quite a while but have never painted it, ao today I decided that I'll get a little messy, yet creative and paint it! I chose white because white goes with anything. Also I thought I might as well because I am going to bring it to school with me. I decided to go to a bording school instead of a regular school because most of my friends decided to go there too, including my best friend Elly, who I call my sister because we've been friends so long! But anyway, I painted my bunk bed!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Style Sense

 Well it's pretty warm here allready so I'm setting trends to those who are fashion challenged (some of my friends!)
 For a top, I have a shimmery red top with a lace sweater. For pants, I have velvet, black ones.
 Ok, so I admit that I absolutly LOVE hats, so I wore a black velvet one that matches my black velvet pants!
 Here is an outfit my best friend, Elly (who I call my sister) wore.
 She has a really soft, gray shirt with MY white, ruffely skirt (that she stole from me) that has black poka-dots on it.
And of course she likes hats to so she wore a gray fleece one!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing with Yumi

 The other day I was paying with my sweet dog when my friend Yumi came out and was playing with her sweet, new puppy and I was getting a little bored playing by myself and my dog was getting tired too.
 Yumi has a little shih tzu puppy that she supposedly "found". I have noticed too that she "finds" a lot of things.
 Yumi loves to joke around a lot so she put her glasses on her puppy and made it look so, so cute!
 Then, of course, we got bored again, so this time we decided to go on a ride. Even though we have our own sized skateboard, it's so much more fun to ride on a bigger one!
We took a little rest, that is until Sproket took over and all of a sudden was wanting to play with us and get on our laps and lick our faces until they melt


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Sweet Valentine

 Hello Earthlings, Yumi here! Did you have a awesome, sweet Valentines day? I did!
 Me and Kylee exchanged valentines with each other.
Me and her had the best Valentines day ever!